PORCELOCK SY (3 syringes)

PORCELOCK SY (3 syringes)


Buffered, safe porcelain etching

PorceLock® is the perfect companion for porcelain and crown and bridge repair. PorceLock® is a buffered 2.5% hydrofluoric acid gel that is both safe and effective for intraoral and extraoral use.

PorceLock® creates bond strengths three to five times greater than treatments using silane alone. It achieves bond strengths approaching those of etched enamel after a 3-5 minute treatment. For repair of porcelain surfaces, the use of PorceLock® and Cerinate Prime® with Ultra-Bond® allows you to achieve strong and reliable intraoral bonds. PorceLock's® gel viscosity and needle tip dispensing allows you to place the gel only where you want it.

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